• Educational Posters | Life By Shape

    A brilliant resource in any classroom!

    "The best part about Life By Shape posters is that not all children see and think the same about each image. This creates the perfect catalyst for discussion that really pushes pupils to engage and talk with each other."


    Mrs S. Tolkins
    Year 4 Teacher
    Primary School
  • Educational Posters | Remember, You Are Unique | Life By Shape

    Great Quality & Well Packaged!

    "Really great quality poster. My little girl loves picking out all the shapes and talking about how they are all different. Will be recommending to all my mummy friends!"

    Jessica O'Neale
  • Educational Posters | Persevere | Life By Shape

    Thoroughly recommended!

    "These posters are fantastic for giving children a chance to think outside the box and to get some really strong discussions going between pupils. They really work! Thoroughly recommended."


    Mr J. Martin
    Year 6 Teacher
    Primary School

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